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Bugs Turn Me Into a Kid Again - Raz's Domain

Oct. 30th, 2009

12:38 am - Bugs Turn Me Into a Kid Again

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Whenever we've got a visitor or I come across and interesting bug I don't just ignore them like most people might.  At most, I think, people will quickly evaluate whether they should feel threatened and then don't pay any more mind.

Not me, though!

Even at age 28, I still get a kick out of bugs and worms and animals and will go out of my way to interact with them.  I'll follow the squirrel around the tree a little while and get a laugh at how he tries to stay on the exact opposite side of the trunk, or I'll bend over and watch the 3 inch slugs we have out here ooze their way across the sidewalk.  There was a 5 inch sucker I came across on a hike that I even plopped down a ruler I had next to it and photographed it.

Tonight I found myself being yelled at by Nerf, who had discovered a little invader that she wanted me to retrieve for her: a black jumping spider with a neat red spot on the abdomen.  Out of all spiders, jumping spiders are my faves.  When I was a little kid and I found a jumping spider I'd bug the hell out of them because, unlike most spiders, they actually SEE you.  Wave your finger at them and they'll react to it, unlike just about any other bug.  Jumping spiders turn and look at you or at your hand and sometimes you can even get them to strike a ninja pose that might seem threatening when done by other spiders.  They're also fuzzy and have two big eyes, which is how they see you so well.

All that being said, this 28 year old man has just spent a good 10-15 minutes of this evening playing with a fuzzy jumping spider and getting a laugh out of the reactions he was able to elicit from it by waving his fingers or moving his hand around like a very large spider (which worked very well and made him actually back away as if in fear).  No ninja pose, though.  I actually got a jumping spider surprise in the mailbox yesterday and was able to get the pose from that one.  This might even be the same one, unwittingly carried into the house with the mail by my arachnophobic wife.